The mail system is one that we heavily rely on when it comes to letters from loved ones arriving, bills, and things we may have ordered from companies. When holidays approach it can be a confusing time to understand and you’ll find yourself wondering ” Is there mail today / How do I know if mail will be delivered today or not?” Well, fret no longer because we are going to go over some answers to that very question and help you to figure out if the mail will be running today or not.

Does the mail run today?

Are you waiting for a package to be delivered or maybe you’re waiting on an important piece of mail? Depending on the weather or even if you’re close to a holiday the answer may be uncertain. We know that mail traditionally in most places never runs on a Sunday, and delivery times seem to differ on Saturdays. What about the other days of the week though?

is there mail today

There are a sure few methods in which to figure out if you should be expecting mail or not. The USPS (United States Postal Service), as well as other postal services around the world, typically have a government based website. On the website you can find all sorts of helpful information including how to change our address, have mail forwarded or stopped and hours of operation. When you navigate around the website you’ll also notice that for the most part, they’ll also have a list of days in which the mail service does not run.

Traditionally, on main holidays such as:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Easter
  • New Years

And other main holidays, the mail does not run. In fact, when it gets close to some holidays the post office may even shut down early which means you’ll have to get there earlier than normal or risk not being able to mail off that important letter. This also means that a previously scheduled piece of mail that was due to arrive may not arrive until a bit later than expected.

Other ways to check to see if mail is running

If you don’t have access to the internet at home there are a few other ways to check to see if you should be expecting mail. The next includes calling the post office and asking. They should be able to look through the sorted mail and find out if you will be expecting mail or an estimated time on which it should arrive if they’re expecting a closure due to holiday.

When it comes to a package you can track to see when a package is arriving is by entering the tracking code that is provided. You can go to the local post office website that we mentioned above and there should be a track mail option. Once you’ve done this, it’ll ask for your tracking number and can give you a detailed list of locations and times in which the package was sent, shipped, where it is and where it was. In many cases, the postal website can even give you an estimate of when it’ll arrive. Just keep in mind that mail will never arrive on a holiday or a Sunday. Just remember, if you’re wondering is there mail delivery today, then check with your local post office website.

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